What is Singlethink all about?

What if you could know everyone's opinion on everything? I believe there is great value in asking a large and diverse group of people how they feel about something. Anything.
Contribute, become part of it and benefit from it.

How does voting work?

The voting system is intentionally left slightly ambiguous. It is not about likes, thumbs up, shares or +1's. It is about how you feel about a particular concept, person, product, activity.

How do I use it?

Check out dynamic maps, browse the statistics and suggest new words that could be added. Create an account and make sure you are logged in to vote and start building up your own personal profile and observe other people's opinions on your suggested words. Soon you will also be able to add friends and see how their opinions compare with yours.

What do the maps show?

The map is intended to show structure in the data - group similar users together. As a result, distances between users will not always align with how far apart their appear on the map. If you would like to understand it better, read up on t-SNE.

What comes next?

Plans for the future include:

All of that will happen in the time to come. For the time being, if you are excited about the idea - contribute by using it. Adopt early!

Any suggestions or feedback are very welcome: piotr@piotrgru.com

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